Friday, June 22, 2012

WatchMinder: A Clever Tool to Send Reminders

Ever wish you could sit next to your child as he takes the SAT, simply so you could tap him on the shoulder now and then and mouth, “Stay focused”? Fantasize about sending telepathic messages to your daughter to remind her to report to the office after morning recess so she won’t forget to take her medication (again)?  

The WatchMinder may be the answer. This normal-looking watch is actually a powerful tool, allowing you to subtly send important reminders to your child or yourself.

The watch looks like any digital watch and its alarm function can be set to go off at any time for any reason.  Instead of a disruptive or embarrassing beeping sound, however, the watch vibrates so that only the user will know it has gone off. At the same time, messages you have entered in ahead of time flash across the top of the screen. Sending alerts like “Meds,” “bathroom,” or “pay attn.” will serve as invaluable reminders to people who are prone to distraction or who simply have a lot of things to remember. The watch is easily programmed from a PC. Before using in school, parents should check with administration to ensure tools of this kind are allowed.

Visit the WatchMinder website to learn more about how the WatchMinder can help people with ADD/ADHD, hearing loss, behavioral challenges, bedwetting problems, rehabilitation commitments, or medications to manage.

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