Tuesday, October 18, 2022

It's FAFSA Season - And We Have a Guide to Recommend

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid -- FAFSA -- is the universally used form for obtaining federal and other sources of student aid for college. These can include scholarships, loans, and work-study jobs. The FAFSA application is used by colleges as well as the federal and state governments -- and the new form became available on October 1st.

One very useful resource for those dealing with the FAFSA form for the first time -- and for those who have tackled it before -- is the book FAFSA: The How-To Guide for High School Students (And the Adults Who Help Them). The book is available in ten languages. -- from Arabic and Bengali to Urdu, and plenty in between. This guide is downloadable for free and has a highly accessible approach that deals with a wide array of questions that students and parents may have. It is written by college professionals and comes from UnderstandingFAFSA.org, which is a partner of the well regarded InsideSchools.org, which we have long used as a resource for information about NYC Public Schools. Both organizations operate under the nonprofit umbrella of The Center for New York City Affairs.