Monday, August 29, 2011

Celebrating 300 Posts

We are taking a break today from our usual subjects of learning, research, and education law to celebrate our 300th posting. We began this blog in August, 2009 with the hope we could manage to write something of interest several times a week without running out of topics. It turns out that we had nothing to worry about -- there is so much news and information about how students learn, how our brains work, and about constantly emerging technological innovations that we have a rich selection of topics and are in no danger of running out of ideas.

What we hadn't considered when we began this blog was that it was a two-way process. Sure, we try to provide our readers with information, but we have also benefited by our writing. Each of us at The Yellin Center brings a particular perspective to the blog: our learning specialists, administrators, attorney advocate, and, of course, Dr. Yellin, have all written posts about subjects that are of particular interest to them. We all pay closer attention to the myriad of information that floods our inboxes and appears in the publications we read, constantly on the lookout for news or information that will make an interesting post. By sharing our findings around the office and thinking about how the students, families, and educators we serve will use our information, we have enriched our own body of knowledge and gained enormous satisfaction from sharing what we know with our readers.

So, as we move on to our next 100 posts, we hope you will enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy writing it for you! And the next time you visit our Manhattan offices, take a look at the hard-cover books we have created with selected posts from 2009 and 2010.

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