Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Global Math Challenge to Test Math Skills

Want a fun, motivating way to push your students’ math skills? Sony Global Education is sponsoring the Global Math Challenge –an online math challenge held worldwide. The tech giant states that while “looking at math as a sport that everyone can take part in, [they] decided to create a worldwide math contest.” There will be questions for children and adults alike that encourage mathletes of all ages to flex their logical and critical thinking muscles. The challenge is segmented into like-age groups to ensure students are competing against like-aged peers.

Taking the math challenge is free, but if you want your global ranking it will cost you twelve dollars - unless you sign up using Edmodo Connect, a feature that enables login to third-party applications using Edmodo credentials. Edmodo is an app that is free for students and teachers and connects them with each other and the technology needed in the classroom.Sony Global Education has also made Global Math Challenge materials available on Edmodo Spotlight

At the end of the event, top scorers will earn special certificates to acknowledge their hard work and accomplishment. The tests are available in English, Japanese and Chinese. The questions were created by the Japan Prime Math Committee that has infused beautiful illustrations into each task to help math fans put the math puzzles into a real world context. The test creators share that these “images can help people to visualize problems and quickly come to conclusions on their own terms.”

This isn’t the first competition hosted by Global Math Challenge; the first English-Chinese challenge was held in March of this year, when over 22,000 students participated! This year’s Global Math Challenge kicks off September 27th. So head over to the Global Math Challenge website to sign up today!

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