Friday, April 4, 2014

Poetry Month Revisited

April is National Poetry Month and last year at this time we ran a series of blogs on all kinds of poetic forms, from the acrostic to the villanelle. You can find the full series of poetry blogs, all written by Yellin Center Learning Specialist and top-notch blogger Beth Guadagni, by searching "poetry" in our blog labels on the right hand side of this page.

However, we did want to at least mention this month long event and share suggestions for ways you, your students, and your family can celebrate this wonderful form of literature.

The website of the Academy of American Poets has suggestions for poetic activities for every day of the month. And for those who don't know offhand just how many days that includes, try reciting the poem, "Thirty days hath September...", which had its origins in the 16th century or earlier.

If  you are a budding poet with social media leanings, you can participate in a Twitter poetry contest sponsored by National Public Radio. Have fun!

Do you know the poem about this flower?
photo credit: Martin Ramsden 

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