Monday, April 28, 2014

Try OWL for Writing Help

By the time a blog has reached almost 700 posts -- as ours has -- it sometimes pays to look back and see what newer readers may have missed. We were reminded of this recently when we recommended that a student use the Purdue OWL to help with his writing and realized that it had been several years since we mentioned this terrific tool for writers of (almost) all ages.

Created and operated by Purdue University, the Online Writing Lab is a free resource (designed for those in seventh grade and up) with answers to questions about grammar and usage, information about teaching writing, English as a second language, and dozens of links to resources parents can use to help their children.

With a selection of podcasts, vidcasts, and downloadable guides, OWL has something for everyone who writes - student, educator, and -- of course -- blogger. Try it the next time you have a question. If they don't have the answer listed you can always email them for guidance. 

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