Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Lexia Reading

For children who may benefit from additional instruction and practice with reading skills, Lexia Reading, which provides reading support at home, may be a helpful solution. Many schools choose to purchase the Lexia classroom program for students, but in recent years Family Literacy, a national nonprofit organization that facilitiates establishing family literacy centers, has made Lexia available for use at home as well.

The computer-based program can be an effective tool for improving literacy in either setting. Lexia’s instruction is divided into three levels: Early Reading, Primary Reading, and Strategies for Older Students. When students begin using Lexia, they are given assessment activities and placed into the correct level. Then, based on their mastery of new concepts as they are presented, students will be automatically advanced through the activities and levels. Most of the exercises feel like games, which motivates students to continue learning as they play. Teachers or parents can monitor children’s progress easily to determine whether students need further support understanding concepts. 

Lexia is an appealing tool appropriate for the very youngest learners up through struggling readers in high school and beyond.

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