Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween BINGO

Halloween is just around the corner, so we want to share a fun, easy game to play with the kids. It can be played at home in a small group, or at school with the whole class. BINGO is a classic game, and the rules are pretty straightforward. We have, however, included step-by-step instructions to help you brush up on the game play basics. The complete set of game cards can be downloaded, for free, here. There are five different game boards available. We hope you enjoy your Halloween!

Materials Needed

  • One bingo card per child
  • Materials to mark the bingo cards (e.g. candy, tokens or crayons)
  • One set of teacher/parent game pieces

  • Print out enough game cards so that each player has one
  • Gather any markers, chips or candy needed to mark the squares
  • Teacher/parent cuts out their game pieces along the dotted line

  • Teacher/parent draws a card and calls it out to the students
  • It is helpful to show younger children the picture, in case they aren’t familiar with the Halloween words. In a classroom setting, a projector or smart board works well for this
  • Children look at their game card and locate the picture. They then cover the picture if they find it
  • First person to complete a row of five (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) wins!
  • Alternate way to win: Play blackout, where the entire board must be covered to win

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