Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Foldable Flashcard Alternative

Out of index cards? Worried that your child will lose his flashcards after he takes the time to make a stack? To study for tests that require paired associate memory (the part of memory that links two pieces of information together, such as a Spanish vocabulary word to the English translation), try this fun foldable flashcard alternative:

1) Fold a piece of notebook paper in half vertically.

2) Unfold the paper and cut along every third printed line until you get to the fold. You should have a series of tabs on one side of the fold and solid paper on the other.

3) Fold the tabs back down. Write one of the element symbols/vocabulary words/math facts to be memorized on each one.

4) Lift the tab and write the corresponding element/definition/answer so that it is positioned underneath the tab.

5) Quiz your child, or show them how to do it themselves.

6) Pass the test with flying colors and celebrate!

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Photo: Jeremy Koren 

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