Monday, October 1, 2012

Learn Vocabulary and Fight Hunger with Free Rice

Talk about multi-tasking! Free Rice provides an online platform for taking vocabulary quizzes, and for every correct answer you provide, the World Food Programme will donate 10 grains of rice to hungry people around the world. (It doesn't sound like much, but the game is so addictive your donation will add up in no time.) The World Food Programme is the food aid arm of the United Nations and since the U.N. General Assembly is meeting in New York City this week, this is a timely way to participate in a good deed with global ramifications.

 Players can either log in to connect with other players and track their totals, or just open up the page for a few minutes of charitable, educational quizzing when they have a spare moment. Each question is multiple choice, and wordsmiths can work their way up through 60 levels of vocabulary questions. If your answer is incorrect, text near the top of the page will inform you of the right definition, then give you the same word a few minutes later to determine whether you've learned it. Meanwhile, a wooden bowl to the right of the screen slowly fills with rice as you play and tracks how much you've donated so far.

The site has recently added other quiz categories, including multiplication and basic math, English grammar, geography, chemistry, the arts, and foreign languages like Spanish and French.

With Free Rice you can benefit your brain and needy people across the globe at the same time!

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