Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Educational Games

Our Yellin Center website is full of information on who we are, what we do, and how and why we do it. It is designed to let families and students know about our assessment process and what to expect while working with us. But it is also a terrific starting place for specific resources, such as educational games. 

Since our list of educational games is tucked away in a corner of our website, we thought it would be a good idea over the next few posts to shine a light on these resources. We hope you agree.

Free Rice
General Interest Education Games

Sheppard Software - preschool - grade 6
This site links to quizzes on lots of subjects, including geography, math, written conventions, science, and many more. Unlike other quiz sites, it features an instructional component, as well. Players may require an adult’s help to find appropriate games because there are so many options.

Gamequarium - grades 3 - 6
Find lots of great quizzes on language arts, math, science, and more.

Learning Games for Kids - grades 1- 6
Most of the quizzes on this site are fantastic, covering topics like language arts, math, and science. Also featured are several fun games to help students improve their typing speed and accuracy. Again, players may require an adult’s help to navigate through all the options to find appropriate games.

BBC Bitesize - grades 6 and up
Students can select quizzes on topics like English, science, and math. The graphics are fantastic, and the games, while quite challenging, are very engaging. Levels are designated using British terminology: Foundations is the most basic level, Intermediate is in the middle, and Higher is the most advanced option.

Free Rice - grades 3 and up
Originally only a vocabulary game, Free Rice now features multiple choice quizzes on many other topics such as literature, foreign language, math, and science. Players begin at a basic level, but as they answer questions correctly, the game gains in complexity.

Funbrain - grades 1 - 6
A collection of very appealing math and language games, plus opportunities to read favorite books online (like Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and to make Mad Libs! Note that while most of the site is very enriching, the “Playground” section, while entertaining, has little educational merit.

Arcademics - grades 1 - 6
Arcademics (arcade + academics) offers a number of fun games to help kids practice various math, reading, spelling skills. One of the best parts of this site is that many games offer chances for friendly competition by pitting players against others from around the web in real time. This design is motivating and discourages mindless clicking.

Links are provided for informational purposes only. Links do not indicate endorsement of any particular products or services. Some resources may not be appropriate for all learners. We urge you to carefully review any of the products, services, or tools linked to from these pages prior to allowing children to use them without adult supervision.

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