Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bright by Three

There seems to be little doubt that, for many people, text messaging has become the most common means of communication. Phone calls have fallen by the wayside: If people want to convey a quick piece of information they seem to prefer typing it out to talking it out. This makes sense; texting is fast and easy and one can get and receive texts anywhere, even places where loud phone conversations are inappropriate.

A Denver non-profit called Bright by Three is taking advantage of the popularity and ease of text messaging. According to Bright by Three, 85% of a child's intellect, personality, and social skills are developed during the first three years of life. Since children aren't in school during this critical period, Bright By Three aims to help parents engage their little ones in ways that are proven to develop these important components. Last year, Bright by Three reached over 21,000 families in Colorado. But, thanks to text messaging, their reach can extend even farther.

Bright by Text is their latest innovation. Parents and caregivers anywhere can enroll in the program for free (though data rates may apply) by texting "BRIGHT" to 444999. They'll be asked for their child's age in months, and then the fun begins. Bright by Text sends weekly messages that correspond to the child's age and stage of development. Texts include learning games that develop physical and cognitive skills, health and wellness tips, and relevant information about child development and important milestones. Each text also contains a mobile-friendly link to additional resources. Bright by Text is available in both Spanish and English.

If you, or someone close to you, has a young child, we encourage you to take advantage of this free service. Tips are research-based and timely, and the format couldn't be more convenient for families on the go.

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