Friday, December 10, 2010

Lynn University

Kenzie Maloney
Lynn University Student
We are delighted to welcome a guest blogger,  Lynn University student Kenzie Maloney, who shares her very positive experiences as a student at Lynn's Institute for Achievement and Learning. Lynn is located in Boca Raton, Florida.
After attending my first University for three semesters, I knew that I was not receiving the help and direction from the Learning Disabilities Department that I had been promised or that I had wished for. I made the decision not to return to that University for my fourth semester.  I took those five months to do a bit of everything.  I immersed myself in a college hunt, I was re-evaluated academically by the Yellin Center, and I worked.  Most of all, I did a lot of soul searching.  I had to decide for myself what I wanted from life and what I wanted to achieve.

Throughout my academic career I struggled to attain success.  I knew that acquiring a college education was something that was exceptionally important to me.  I knew I needed to place myself in the perfect environment.

In my search I found Lynn University.  I knew that Lynn was a perfect match as soon as I visited the campus.  It was very evident that Lynn prides itself on their Institute for Achievement and Learning.  Soon I was aware that the Institute and Lynn had all I was looking for academically.

I am just completing my first semester at Lynn University and I couldn't be happier with my choice.  Everyone here is routing for student success and will do anything to see it is achieved.

Within the Institute I have an advisor  (as all Institute students do) who oversees attendance if necessary. (The Institute is very serious about attendance, which is in everyone’s best interest). My advisor is there for any questions or concerns I might have, as well as keeping me in check. Every week I have three sessions of tutoring.  I have been assigned a tutor for each subject where help is needed.  I have had the same tutors all semester, which creates continuity.  All tutors are skilled in instructing students with learning disabilities and all possess either a masters or doctorate degree.  The environment at the Institute is comfortable and friendly. 

The "Testing Center” is where all LD students are welcome to take their tests. Students never have to schedule an appointment at the Center.  They consult with their instructor and the test is waiting there when needed.  It is a quiet, relaxing atmosphere that provides students in need with the accommodations that best fit their learning disability.

Lynn University has given me all the tools I need to succeed.  I am so grateful that I found Lynn.  It is nice to be at a university whose primary interest is academic achievement and student success!

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