Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We're Thankful

The eve of Thanksgiving is a perfect time to pause and give thanks for the many blessings we have had this past year. We know that times are still tough for many people and that there is much amiss in our local and national education systems. Still, we are grateful for many things.

We are thankful for the amazing Yellin Center team, who share their knowledge, enthusiasm, and professionalism with the families we see and whose insight into children and young adults helps hundreds of struggling students every year.

We are thankful for the schools we have had a chance to work with this year, including the Hamilton Central School District, the New York Insitute for Special Education, the Kildonan School, and countless private and public schools in New York, New Jersey, and throughout the country.

We are thankful for the many organizations with which we have worked, including Cornerstone Literacy, New York Foundling, and New York University's School of Medicine and Department of Pediatrics.

We are thankful for the schools and colleges that have hosted us for visits and presentations, including American University, George Washington University, Mount Ida College, Northeastern University, and Lesley College, to name a few. It is always enjoyable to speak to educators and parents who are interested in learning differences.

Most of all, we are thankful for the families and students that come to us with their academic struggles and who emerge from their experience here with an understanding of how they learn, strategies to address their areas of difficulty and to enhance their strengths, and a plan to move forward towards success. We get countless thank you notes, emails, and telephone calls that report that the experience at the Yellin Center has "changed my child's life," "created a sense of optimism we never had before," and "made the difference" to the students we see. We feel privileged to have such an impact on students and families.

We wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! We are taking the holiday weekend off to appreciate our families and watch some football..See you next week.

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