Friday, September 17, 2010

Writer's Roundup

One of our favorite writers, Dr. Perry Klass, had an interesting piece in this week's New York Times Science News section, on school avoidance issues. Dr. Klass, a Professor of both Pediatrics and Journalism at New York University, discussed the various reasons that children may seek to avoid school.  She noted how parents, educators, mental health professionals, and pediatricians need to understand this complex issue and take steps to help these students, before their frequent absences make them even more uncomfortable with attending classes. We love everything Dr. Klass writes, from books about knitting, to the terrific Quirky Kids, to books about being a woman, a daughter, and a physician. Read this piece and other other pieces for the New York Times and check out her books. We think you will be glad you did.
Another of our favorites, our own Susan Yellin, Esq. was featured on the blog of Jessica Kingsley Publishers, along with her co-author of Life After High School: A Guide for Students with Disabilities and Their Families, Christina Cacioppo Bertsch. The occasion was the launch party for their new book which was held right here at the Yellin Center this past Tuesday evening.
The book has also received still another glowing review, this time from ForeWard Magazine, which noted that:

"Perhaps most valuable is the book’s overall approach: it addresses the whole person, and not just the disability. The chapters discussing competency are particularly helpful; they discuss not only how to get special accommodations in class, but address issues like money management, personal hygiene, and sex. Every parent hopes that his or her child will grow up to have a full and fulfilling life. The information and advice presented in Life After High School will be a key resource in making this happen for the disabled child." 

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