Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Medical Students - News and Resources

In addition to our work with K-12 students, The Yellin Center has long worked with older students in college, graduate, and professional schools. One important piece of this work is the assessment and support we have offered to approximately 100 medical students, who are often sent to us by their academic dean when they encounter difficulties with school or licensing exams, or with their "rotations" in the clinical aspects of their training.

In fact, we are delighted to announce that we have just been awarded a grant (together with the nonprofit Center for Learning Differences) from the Sergei S. Zlinkoff Fund for Medical Research and Education that will allow us to quantify the impact of our work in the assessment and remediation of these students, with a view towards providing medical educators with guidance in helping these students to achieve success in their studies and careers.

As part of our work with medical students, the Resources section of our website has information on a number of tools and apps that can help medical students with the unique demands of their professional studies. As we noted in an earlier post, this section of our website isn't always easy to locate from our home page, so we are taking the opportunity to shine a light on this helpful information. 

photo credit: University of Exeter via flickrcc

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