Monday, December 23, 2013

A Holiday Story

It has been our tradition for our last blog of the year to be in rhyme. Today we have updated a blog from 2010.

It was just before Christmas
And all through the town 
The lights were a-twinkle
Both uptown and down.

And here in the office                                                      
We were working away
When outside our windows
There flew an old sleigh.

We couldn't believe it
But then we all jumped.
From the roof right above us
There came a loud thump.

We heard heavy footsteps
And then he was there,      
Red suit and red hat 
And long flowing white hair.

"I'm Santa," he said
As he entered the clinic.
We all rolled our eyes
Like good New York cynics.

"I've got gifts for all students
(you don't need to believe)
But let me bestow them 
Before I must leave.

"For the youngest I've got books
To read with mom and pop,
Since once they become readers, 
The habit won't stop.

"For older kids, apps
That will help them learn math
And set them upon
A better school path.

"For high schoolers,  Smartpens
And a book filled with knowledge
About how kids who struggle
Can find the right college."

For teachers I've brought strategies
To use when they teach
To help every student
Their potential to reach

We said, "What about us?
We don't want to nag,
But don't you have something 
For us in your bag?"

Santa gave a big smile 
And packed up to go.
"You've all had the gift
Of the students you know.

"The great satisfaction
Of helping them grow
And making them realize 
Just how much they know

"You all need to realize
Your gift's what you do...."
And as he departed,
We knew that was true!

The Yellin Center will close between Christmas and New Year's and will re-open on January 2, 2014. We wish you all a happy holiday and look forward to blogging again next year!

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