Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Days

Here in New York City the recent snow is almost gone. There are icy spots on some sidewalks and slushy puddles at the corners, but at street level there is little left of the foot of snow that feel just 48 hours ago. The rooftops we see from our windows are still coated in white, but that is steadily melting, as the sun hits the surfaces.

City kids had a day off from school, declared in advance by the Mayor. It's rare for city schools to close for snow so this was a particularly welcome treat -- at least for kids and teachers. We've checked in with some families to see what they did with their snow day. One mom we spoke to, with daughters 7 and 9, invited friends for both her girls. We could hear the squeals in the background as we spoke to her, and she told us there was an elaborate game of dress up going on. Another mom said her teenager was catching up on homework -- after sleeping until almost noon.

Things weren't very different out in the suburbs, but there enterprising young people could earn a tidy income by shoveling snow for folks who couldn't, or didn't want to, shovel out their own walks and driveways. It was good to see that hard work didn't scare off everyone.

Whether you spent the day baking cookies with your children, curled up reading a book, or trying to get your kids off of the computer so that you could check your work email, we hope you and your family took some time to appreciate the change from the daily schedule.

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