Friday, November 6, 2009

The Future of Assessment

We've written before about the limits of labels, and we continue to encounter parents who are uncomfortable with a special education system that requires that students be "classified" by what purports to be a description of the student's disability.

This coming Monday evening, November 9th, Dr. Yellin will be speaking at REDS - The Resurrection Episcopal Day School, in New York City -- as part of its lecture series entitled "Working Together – The Collaboration among Parents, Teachers, Clinicians and Scientists To Support Learning and Development in All Children”.

Dr. Yellin's talk is entitled The Future of Assessment - What are we really trying to measure and how does it translate to the classroom? He will be looking at what current testing claims to measure and how it should be looking to understand how students' minds really work. He will explain how new findings in neuroscience and brain imaging have enabled clinicians to see how effective interventions can truly change how brains work, and how emerging partnerships between educators and clinicians will enable classroom teachers to benefit from the deeper understanding of learning that science has helped to achieve.

Parents, teachers, and others who are looking for a better understanding of how to link brain science to the classroom should find this a worthwhile evening.

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