Monday, August 17, 2009


For many families, the new year begins in September -- not January. Vacation is over, the days are just a bit shorter, and everyone's focus is on the start of school. One common problem faced by busy families is keeping track of school activities, projects, music lessons, sports practices and games and all the daily and occasional appointments and commitments of every member of the family.

One solution is to keep an on-line family calendar accessible to all the members of the family. Google Calendar or Cozi are both convenient choices that let family members access the calendar from a computer or smart phone. Both are free -- but require sign up.

For technophobes, there is always an old-fashioned paper hanging calendar, with plenty of room for notes and information. There are all kinds of these available for under $10.

Whatever approach you choose, make sure that everyone in the family has a plan to check the calendar on a regular, recurring basis, and to add their own appointments and deadlines (or have mom or dad help them). This will ensure that the calendar can be a useful clearinghouse for all family activities.